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Wedding Ceremonies

From traditional ceremonies to vow renewals and everything in between. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to make your wedding day as special and memorable as possible.

Types of Ceremonies Offered

Civil ceremonies are brief services that are legal in Canada. A civil ceremony is what you get at city hall.– short and basic. Your short service will be less than 15 minutes long. No muss or fuss and City Hall!


Religious/sacramental ceremonies are recognized by the Anglican Communion as well as the Vatican and other Christian denominations.

Spiritual ceremonies are all about your love for each other. There are many options to choose from or you may write your own.


Non-denominational services are for couples of all faiths who do not want a basic ceremony. You may add personal touches like anecdotes and inspired traditions. Religious references may be included if you choose.


Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony means different things to different people. It can be complete with a church, a wedding gown and formal attire and lots of guests.  It can be a small intimate exchange between you and your partner - or it can be a big bash celebrating your love and commitment to each other. All of these possibilities are available but without a marriage license.


Renewal Ceremonies

A vow renewal is a way to celebrate your marriage and commitment to each other. It’s a way to let the world know you'd do it all over again after 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 or any number of years as spouses.  Maybe you want to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship. Children are always a welcome addition to your renewal ceremony so they can share the joy as a family.

Requirements to Book

1. Your full names.
2. The couple’s emails, phone numbers and addresses.
3. The preferred time and date of your ceremony.
4. The type of ceremony you choose.

5. An Ontario Wedding license within 90 days of your wedding. They are available at most municipal offices.


The cost for all ceremonies is $275.00 - $400.00. If you want to elope during the week the fee is $275. This includes a lovely, short,  legal ceremony and all of the paperwork. Friday through Sunday weddings offer you the choice of many ceremonies and help writing vows, and paperwork for $400.  Travel outside of the Lindsay area may require a small gas fee. Payments can be made in cash or an e-transfer. 

Additional Infomation

If you have been divorced outside of Canada, a Canadian lawyer must verify your documents and send them to the Registrar General. There are no exceptions. This usually takes six weeks. Kawartha Weddings can recommend local lawyers qualified to do this for you.

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